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‘Tis the season

Kerry Rowand
Diner Christmas Tree, Villas, New Jersey

The nut house

It was nice to catch up with family this week. . . Happy Thanksgiving!

Kerry Rowand

Overlooked in Portland

Kerry Rowand

Penny for your thoughts?

Kerry Rowand

Time and Space

Along with a few other folks, my husband and I watched the TV series Breaking Bad. We found ourselves driving cross country the week of the finale. In the days leading up to it, we were blissfully free from media; no spoilers, no critiques, no talk of upcoming spin-offs.

It is rare these days to be alone with your thoughts. To have time to anticipate and reflect, and to gather ideas before feeling pressured to produce content.

Last weekend I went camping for the first time since childhood. (True we stayed in cabins with heat and electricity, but camping nonetheless). When I returned home I took time to edit my photographs. To separate the (hopefully) successful images from those that merely captured a nice element or memory.

And while 99% hit the cutting room floor (or hard drive, as the case may be), I take to heart Ansel Adams‘ quote that “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.”

Kerry Rowand

Kerry Rowand

Kerry Rowand

Overlooked in Portland

Happy Halloween. . .
Kerry Rowand

Green is the new brown

And just when I had gotten used to the browns of summer. . .
Kerry Rowand

The Rainy Season

Off to a lovely start. . .
Kerry Rowand


I did not grow up surrounded by mountains or valleys. I was 35 when I first witnessed “freezing fog.”

Perhaps it’s the novelty, but there is something about a misty mountain morning that feels magical (even when witnessed – half asleep – on your morning commute. . .)
Kerry Rowand


Kerry Rowand
As a first time homeowner, I find myself in uncharted territory. With empty wall space and no one to keep my security deposit if I drill holes.

One might think that a household with two photographers would have no problem filling the space. But for several months, the walls have sat virtually empty.

It is not because there is a lack of work to choose from. But choosing images you want to live with – and can live with, without endless self-criticism – is proving to be a struggle.

This Friday, come enjoy free FOOD and ART, two things Portland knows best!

One of my photographs will be part of Newspace Gallery’s 2014 Members’ Salon, on display Oct. 3 – Nov. 2 at Newspace Gallery, 1632 SE 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97214.

See you there!

October Events at NEWSPACE


In the Gallery – NEWSPACE Now: 2014 Members’ Salon

On Display: October 3rd – November 2nd
Opening Reception: Friday, October 3rd, 6-9pm

Join NEWSPACE in a celebration of our Members & our 12th Anniversary with NEWSPACE Now: 2014 Members’ Salon. Food carts Thrive NW and Fifty Licks will be out front serving throughout the evening and free beer from Widmer Brothers Brewing will be available inside.

Exhibited photographers include:

Rebecca Akporiaye | Zachary Archer | David Ashman Sandra Banister | Gary Beeber | Susan Bein | Deborah Bergman | Skyra Beveridge | Ray Bidegain | Twyla Bloxham | Philip Bowser | Britt Boyles | Joyce Brekke | Eric Brody | Beth Buglione | Tony Burba | Al Burns | Cecily Caceu | Carolyn Campbell | Barry Canaday | Hannah Carlton | Calvin Chen | Larry Clark | Dennis Dean Clay | Karen Cohen | Mark Crummett | George Dunsmuir | Jody Ellis | Myron Filene | Susan Gans | Jenna Gersbach-King | Barbara Gilson | Carole Glauber | Larry Gloth | Jon Gottshall | Terry Hayden | Friderike Heuer | Joshua Hobson | Carol Isaak | Don Jacobson | Linda Jue | Ross Kaplan | Brook Kirklin | Heidi Kirkpatrick | Brian Kosoff | Jim Kushman | Fuchsia Lin | Richard Lishner | Tasia Markoff | Shannon McClatchey | Teresa McPherson | Deb Merchant | Yvonne Mestre | Jeanine Michna-Bales | Loren Minnick | Ted Mishima | Tamara Muldoon | Holly Myers | Leslie Noe | Mike O’Brien Jenny Olsen | Luke Olsen | Audra Osborne | Jennifer Patterson | Leslie Peltz | Richard Ray | Andy Robbins | Tom Roberts | Steven Rockoff | Rich Rollins | Kerry Rowand | Arthur Ruckle | Matthew Rusnac | Isaac Sachs | Stuart Sandler | Dale Schreiner | Michael Shay | James Smith | Al Stern | Sean Steward | Jiehao Su | Pete Suttner | Don Tanedo | Robert Voltz | James Wade | Pistol Wish | Megan Zabel Holmes


Portland, One Year Later

Kerry Rowand
At this time last year, I was moving. Packing boxes, loading the dog into the car, and driving west.

In Portland, I have found myself reconnecting with simple pleasures – food, fresh air, conversation. Never more than a few blocks from a farmer’s market or a vegan bakery. Making eye contact with strangers – neighbors – and saying hello.

It feels almost like slowly exhaling, after years of holding your breath.

And like a perfect place to call home.


Overlooked in Portland

Kerry Rowand


Kerry Rowand
One pitfall I try to avoid in photography is believing that interesting subject matter will always yield an interesting shot.

I often struggle both in the shooting and editing processes, wishing I could capture the composition differently – at a different angle, in better light.

This shot may be a case of an ‘almost.’ I can only hope he rolls up again.

Shout Out

Last week would have been the 106th birthday of my Great Uncle Ben. An active New Yorker, Ben was always one to keep up with current events. He was big on email and I could always tell when a message was from him because it was in ALL CAPS.

Some words seem better suited for all caps – HURRICANE, for example.

The same could be said for some photographs. Nan Goldin’s self portrait, Nan one month after being battered, 1984, comes to mind, conveying an urgency that surpasses the standard convention.Nan_goldin-

En route to Hawaii?. . .
Kerry Rowand

Kerry Rowand

Local Color

Perhaps nowhere else are regional differences more apparent than when looking for a place to live. . .

Thanks for keeping it weird, kids.

Kerry Rowand

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